when the match started

tring tring….

he picks up the call…. (without looking at the number for sure coz he waits for me to speak)

“watching the match,are you”, i finally speak.

“hmmm..” (nothing more, all concentration is on match)

“I am bored”

“So … ”

“so means … ”

“so what do you expect from me umbrella lady” (guess is that the match was paused for some reason,that’s why the attention on me)

“talk to me Mr couch potato”

“can that wait some time … why don’t you go online and talk to other friends ?” ( now getting irritated;Β  i love this)

“most of the guys are busy with world cup match and the girls off to sleep”

“and what do you think i will prefer now”

“of course you want me to get lost and leave you alone with your tv”

“how intelligent !”

“i know … but i won’t do that”

“how mean ! do i ever disturb you when you are watching some movie .. that too on your laptop”

“no.. you don’t. thats one more reason i love you”

“and i hate you right now”

“i know” (laughing now)

“Gal … keep the phone now .. i swear i will kill you when i meet you next”

“is it ?? ok ! will see about it when we meet”

“you not gonna let me watch the match, is it ??”

“ok ok .. go on .. as if you were not doing that all this while”

“i was .. but not *peacefully*”

“fuck off”

“thank you” (and so ended the call)

I was anyway happy just to hear him ! πŸ˜€

And then i went back to my studies πŸ™‚

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  1. Typical man… ANY sport! One of the biggest problems with cable and satellite TV is that now they can watch some sport from somewhere in the world every single day! Ha!

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