If i would be some one else

Few people know the meaning of name “nimue” or what it stands for .. This link first introduced me to this name. And further reading led me to this tale of Nimue .

Since Nimue, sometimes called Nineve, Vivien is popularly known as “The Lady of the Lake” i imagine her to be living within folds of water, swimming among the waves and singing with the fishes. Playing with the floating lotus, making pearl necklaces for herself and riding the sea dragons. Maybe she sometimes danced along the whales or lazed with the turtles. I imagine all this and wish i could know for real what she did in her life.

Will it not be interesting to have this dream come true !!! πŸ˜‰

Prompted at Sunday Scribblings

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  1. Hmm..very inviting..I am not sure where you are writing but living in the water would be a lovely – and magical- respite from this heat..thank you for your visit..Jae

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