For Life


dark shadows,

blood stained

walls and floor,

these are not

just illusions

but her overt fears

which she fights

amidst tears

and clenched fists;

waiting to end

the ordeal

with smiles

and not her life.

So many of us are haunted with past or present fears/events. This is for all the brave women who ended such life to live a new one not succumbed to it.

Inspired from Sunday Scribblings

Prompted also at One Single Impression

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0 thoughts on “For Life”

  1. Brilliant! what a poem ..strength is so much needed now lady..i so relate there..thanks for stopping by at my Home..feel free to come over more often..i will come back for sure 🙂

    Desert rose

  2. oh, and hope she accomplishes that…seems she comes from a very dark place…it would be a true ressurection….thanks for linking up to oneshot and for your kind words on my post as well…

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