A letter from angel !

I knew you not more than your name

guess,evenย  for you it was the same;

yet you sent for me a letter that day

in times when fashion is to call orย  mail.

Life was not treating me great, you knew

was it reason enough for that letter from you ?

With what authority did you decide to write

all those harsh realities and the inspiring lines ?

Was it your words or the faith you instilled in me

that i cleared all hurdles that came into being !

To that letter and you, i will forever owe

my first success, my pride for my first job.

You were the angel to me,not just that day

but every time i needed,your words were there.

all thanks to the letter you wrote to me

and the fact that it was well responded.

Prompted at OSI and Sunday Scribblings

Also submitted to One Shot Wednesday

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0 thoughts on “A letter from angel !”

  1. Letter must have reached you having wings… flown directly it your heart.. with words spilling in your inner space.. making it strong.. wow! you are lucky.. not many get such lovely beautiful angelic letters..Thanks for the magic here.. do visit me to meet my angels…

  2. Hey that’s a wonderful poem…many thoughts raced through my mind while reading it…Really liked the way you have related the letter and angels,for OSI and the sunday scribblings.

  3. smiles. excellent write…it is amazing the impresion lef tby the written word…and that we can go back to it again and again…

  4. Isn’t it amazing how words can bring vivid nostalgic memories from fairy tales of yesteryears – of Neverland, Narnia and beyond! Guess, once in a while we all must look for the seraphic scribblings:)

  5. Amazing how a letter can change a person’s life, and when it’s for the better, such letters we cherish. thanks for sharing your poem with us! cheers

  6. Those words of encouragement can make all the difference can’t they.
    Well penned

    Glad you linked up to One Shot Wednesday

    Smiles from the Moon

  7. Hi, I have been away for a week and am catching up on all the great posts at One Stop….

    i hope the comments you received were as inspiring as this letter? Thanks for linking up with One Shot..cheers Pete

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