Lonely without you

Wearing your favorite shirt
i lie alone in the bed tonight,
from miles away we recollect
memories etched in the mind.

the molten kisses on cold skin
the muffled and muted cries
the images make me so lonely,
i keep turning sides all night

the way you wrapped me tight
in your warm and loving embrace
has left its phantom feel on me
something i don’t want to escape.

distances are just a reminder
of the passion that only we know
and what finally i settle with is
our love that makes the bonds.

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0 thoughts on “Lonely without you”

  1. Captivating!Amazing! Yet so natural to all of us..
    Enthralled I sit here, reading over n over again.. @infoamit

  2. i know this one well…i spent 8 months apart from my family once while working a job…one of the most horrendous experiences of m life…wonderfully rendered…thanks for linking up to oneshot!

  3. Being apart from a loved one can seem unbearable at times, yet it does make the heart grow fonder and the reunions extra special. Beautiful poem. Thanks

  4. Nice piece, this reminded me of those who have loved ones overseas…how much they must miss them…very nicely done..bkm

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