dark thoughtsLock it deep,
block it forever,
Poke it never,else
choke you,they will
all just in dreams.

Prisoners they take,
slaves they do make,
in your fears they live,
to you,tears they will give.
all just in dreams.

repeat them not,
heed to them never,
remembered if ever,
pretend to think not
all for your dreams.

dream,live,play but dare
you make rulers out of
your worst nightmares !

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0 thoughts on “Nightmare”

  1. After reading the comment exchanged with Pete, the next one should be interesting. lol Like how you use the “all just in dreams” repetition. We indeed do make rulers out of our worst nightmares. Great poem.

  2. I’ve had few nightmares in my life, but they have lingered for decades.

    I really enjoyed this – it describes the power of the dark so well.

  3. love the last stanza — she we do make rulers out of our nightmares….nice read indeed..bkm

  4. I love dreams – keep out of my head night mares!!!

    really great visuals

    thanks soo much for being part of One Shot Wednesday

  5. Love a good nightmare now and then well done ,, oh by the way it will be interesting to see what you come up with next, referring to the comments above. It should be very interesting read.


    came by one shot Wed.

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