I prefer my poetry/fiction to talk rather than myself. These days,most of my free time goes in writing and reading. There is a new style of poetry gogyohka that i am learning, apart from practising haiku daily on my twitter page : Nimue_

Here is one entry of each style :

The road

to my heart

closed down


you left..

The roads to my heart

opened to none but for you

broken now like me

Prompted at Sunday scribblings & One Single Impression

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0 thoughts on “Road”

  1. So very sad! Broken roads are always so sad! But do you see that delightful little winding track wandering over there to a patch of wildflowers? I wonder what they are?

  2. I don’t know but I would be more concerned about roads from my heart..I will know where do they lead to..and I would be able to return.. just a different opinion..

    Anyways.. I loved both styles..

  3. thanks for pointing to Gogyohka. I hadn’t come across this form.

    Luckily new inroads to the heard can appear at anytime, especially when least expected.

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