when she rode

With gentle steps she entered home,praying not to be seen by dad.

“I saw you.Learning to ride on the beach” she suddenly heard him shout.
“I was just..” she tried to speak in vain.
“Do you have any idea how it looked ? a girl of your age doing something like this ??”
“But I only ..” she was cut off again.
Vulgar !! that’s the word. you hear me !!”

And this went on till she started to cry hard and promised not to ride again. Her brother never even tried to learn and she actually rode it. But she knew she would not get any praise for that.

The bicycle was anyway sold next day.

Prompted via Thursday Tales
Submitted to 3 word wednesday
Image Credit to AtXU

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  1. i can’t understand what is wrong with riding a bicycle.. the conceptualization of good and bad for someone shd be left to that someone. and not decided by us or anyone else..

    well narrated story.. glad the picture inspired you Lady Nimue 🙂

  2. Hey .. I did not know that you run the Thursday tales blog ! kudos for the good work Leo !

    And as i said before, some people are beyond any reason ..

    1. yep. thanks for the kudos lady nimue 🙂 i co-run it actually. my partner in crime, Ms.Meduri is not having access to net these days…

      keep writing, ur tales are wonderful..! 😀

  3. I believe there is more to ladynimue than what appears in her writings(read offerings…).
    When she rode….has all in it that is all set to wreck even the hardest of the Heart!

    Now at least we need to change & it appears that ‘ladynimue’ is poised to pioneer…’Keep Up’ Yourself….n keep it up.

  4. I agree with the comments above regarding the double standard you address so well here.

    I particularly enjoyed the opening…

    “With gentle steps she entered home,praying not to be seen by dad.”

    Haven’t we all been there at some point?

  5. nice micro fiction my friend
    hey we have a poet/writers community we are just starting. The beginning is 1 Shot Wednesday http://oneshotpoetry.blogspot.com
    would love to have you join. All you have to do is link up on Wednesday (or Tues night)

    great to meet you

  6. Sad. I know this feeling too. I’m still breaking the girl rules, but at least my Dad encouraged me. I have a feeling had my mother been around to have a say, she wouldn’t have.

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