The docks

She loved her “long umbrella” ! she did not know why people called them docks. Every time it rained, she came running to the docks and spent hours under them. No one knew she feared rains on her head. People would laugh at it. Wasn’t she supposed to be unaffected !!Β  She was a fish afterall.

Prompted at Thursday Tales.

Also submitted to Friday Flash 55

Image Credit : BulletsAreScen3

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0 thoughts on “The docks”

  1. This was MOST excellent Lady Nimue!!
    Thank you so very much for the visit and to tell me of your cute story.
    The beauty of Flash Friday 55 is that ALL formats are welcome. Poetry, limmerick, fiction and NON-fiction. It’s all about the creativity, and the FUN!!
    Please join us again…You have a Kick Ass Week-End…G-Man

  2. Hi Lady;

    Hmmm…you made me smile with your rendition here of the pic prompt…:-)

    Btw, thanks for being in my place twice or thrice I guess…you’ve got a new follower in me now…;-)

    Have a beautiful Sunday!!!

  3. This is the best!!! “She didn’t know she was a fish” – how cool is that. I love this stuff. Going to have to pass this one along as well.


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