Answer to prayers

“I will abstain from sex”he decided,another plot to please Gods,if any of them ever did listen to prayers. Needless to say he didn’t like this but anything for chance to greatness !

“What now !!”, muttered god, “should some one with halo on head go to show him way ?? what does he dream then ?”

Prompted at Thursday Tales & 3WW

Also submitted to Friday flash 55 .

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0 thoughts on “Answer to prayers”

  1. YAY!!!
    Hyperlink is something that I just learned about a month ago.
    Thanks for working so hard to play, I really appreciate this.
    Loved your 55 as well…
    You Rock The Planet My Friend
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  2. Hi LadyN – this one made me think. There is a lot going on I feel in few words..makes the reader weave the background story..great stuff! And thanks for your visit..Jae

  3. Touting the ‘holiness’ of abstinence is just a ploy to curtail over-population, nothing more. If we weren’t meant to enjoy it, it wouldn’t feel so good.

  4. I know of no gods of any religious calling who advocate abstinence. The earthly religious leaders who do are control freaks. “What now?” indeed.
    Nicely done.

  5. god’s cryptic way of talking (well, muttering) made me think of Tonto in the Lone Ranger series πŸ™‚ – seriously, a lovely and thought-provoking 55. Well done!

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