“Festivals away from home;hurts lots”

Written for 6 Word Saturday !

is a festival

meaningful just for the cause;

but does not teach love

Written for Haiku Heights

Also submitted to One shot Wednesday

About the Image  : This image is used to depict the indian festival Raksha bandhan celebrated among siblings (a brother and sister mostly) but in a way it promotes brotherhood among any two people celebrating it with each other.

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0 thoughts on “Festival”

  1. A very thoughtful one! I appreciate the sentiment behind this lovely festival and the sacred bond between the siblings… but sometimes, some people take it beyond reason (or so I think)!! I do not have siblings, but that does not make me go and tie a Rakhi on every hand I see 🙂 … I mean, bonds can definitely give meaning to a thread.. But since when did threads start defining bonds?

    Really liked your post… it reinforced my ideas! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the poem and the commentary. I’m afraid I take the view of a festival as a kind of fair–just a chance to go kick up your heels and eat outrageous food and watch people. But festival, clearly has its roots in thanksgiving too. In Texas, fairs usually are around Thanksgiving (in Autumn). Here at the beach (on the Texas Gulf) we have a Sand Festival in the Spring. It is a celebration of castles, sand, beach life in sculptures made of sand. I think it brings joy to those attending and is met with respect and a good deal of joy. Thanks for posting.

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