Imagining love

Again, with a new excuse, new hope,
building for me, a new resolve,
imaginary exchange
i create,for me,
wondering when,
i can stop

This is a dedication to every love that died being nurtured only by one of the two hearts involved.Β  The love that had to e buried half way through. The love that could be, but never was …

Prompted @ Sunday Scribbling

Submitted also to One Shot Wednesday

First learned Nonnet from Leo’s blog here

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  1. Unrequieted love–somewhat beat style. I just love that you made it funnel shape as though all the blood were draining out. It’s the way one feels with that heartache borne of a love that’s not returned without the ability to turn it off and turn attention to another. Great job, both verbally and visually!

  2. i do like the tappering down and the choice of red as the color is perfect…love is a powerful thing…even more so when cupids arrow only smites one side…nice oneshot!

  3. Nice combination of image and words and the redness of passion. I know you from the twitter world I’m @bookdreamer. I have posted two poems this week. On not saying hello is new but Kingpin Baby was posted up on a quiet Sunday so I thought I’d give it another outing. Both are adaption of different formal poetry forms – pantoum and sonnet.

  4. Also like the tapering effect, as if the poet eventually breaks the idea down into an elusive point. Very dramatic, lovely photo. Great post!

  5. WOW!! The picture, the visual with words, and the words themselves — all in perfect harmony!! How hard we try to wash away those memories, to erase the remnants of that love… and how miserably we fail.. So beautifully you’ve described this feeling in the poem!
    I guess the best solution is to just let go, and allow memories to fade when they wish to! Ofcourse this is much easier said than done πŸ™‚
    I have some lovely August Awards for you… please feel free to accept as many as you feel like.. πŸ™‚

  6. the love that …
    love is soooo often elusive

    beautiful image and words – thanks

    glad you posted with One Shot

    smiles from the Moon

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