In line

I know i stand in line
and don’t have any say
but i pretend it’s fine

For bit of sunshine,
to prickle down my way
I know i stand in line

Is love never to be mine
hopes grow and die each day
but i pretend it’s fine

don’t you again assign
to break me like clay
I know i stand in line

Either mortal or divine
each does my soul slay
but i pretend it’s fine

Give me just one sign
life forever won’t b gray
I know i stand in line
but i pretend it’s fine

This form of poetry is  Villanelle (Click to learn more about it)
Prompted @ Carry On Tuesday
Also submitted to One Shot Wednesday

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0 thoughts on “In line”

  1. Enjoyed this a lot. Yes I believe you can stick to the model or change it too. I’m writing one now or trying to; it hasn’t quite glued itself together for me. I enjoyed this very much. You capture tedium and anxiety here very well. Well done. Thank you. Gay

  2. Beautiful beyond words.

    Sometimes, even when we have love, we stand in line behind the immediate needs, emergencies and just …life.

    But love will find a way.

  3. yet another new style i have learned thank you for bringing that to me…as for the poem..In Line…such a British thing to do, wait in line until its our turn and then rue missing the chance…cheers pete

  4. Count me among those learning a new poetic form from this terrific poem of yours. I really liked it. My first reaction was to think “no, it’s not fine.” But then I thought of all the times when waiting for my turn to come has resulted in something good, something very worth the wait. Really nice One Shot.

  5. I loved this unique way of using repetitions! It was masterfully done, and totally added to the effect!
    I hate standing in lines… but then again, as long as the lady behind counter doesn’t break for lunch, I know it’s fine 🙂

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