True Predictment

As she woke on the sea shore, She could feel him around,laughing feebly on her,drinking her beauty, and the goodbye kiss – her first and last with anyone. Silently she walked into the rising waters and was gone forever. she was predicted to kill her true lover. She did just that, though unintentionally.


Prompted @ Thursday tales and 3 word wednesday

Also Submitted to Friday Flash55

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0 thoughts on “True Predictment”

  1. Whoa… when I saw the image, some very sunny thoughts came to my head.. but the write was cold! And then the picture made more sense than ever! A very intense story in 55 !

  2. I don’t quite understand the direction of this story, but I think that lengthening it would help to expand your meaning. The visuals are nice.

  3. sometimes we really “kill” people unintentionally – and there are words and actions in my life, i wish i could take back and make ’em unhappened…

  4. yeah claudia, i hear you…so many broken hearts out there because of misplaced expectations and carelessness…nice 55.

  5. Lady Nimue…
    Your story was PERFECT!
    Absolutely one of today’s best…
    And I DO read them all!!
    Loved your 55..
    And let me add this, I scrolled down and read some of your One Shot Stuff..?
    Brilliant and beautiful…What an awesome talent!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End…Galen

    1. I actually wait for your comment each time i write a flash 55 !! and you cheer me every single time πŸ™‚ thank you for all the encouraging words !!

  6. Nicely done…It leaves a lot to the reader to imagine…Was that a person she loved but didnt know until they passed. Or was it her own self, that she never cared to love(that happens mostly unintentionally).

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