A killer living

She badly wanted to break away from the negative feelings inside her ! When all looked calm on surface, only she knew of the turmoil that plundered her heart every time she saw him. And that was daily ; she was married to him; to this fucking bastard who sold her to strangers last night ! She knew what was to be done; she sold herself again ; this time on highest price available; and kicked him out of the house. He showed the way, she will follow the same. She prepared to kill herself every night to make his living worse !

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0 thoughts on “A killer living”

  1. This is just painful reality!

    That bastard of a husband! He’d die a thousand times but won’t be enough to compensate for his grave sins toward her!

  2. Wow! Pretty intense, I must say, especially when viewed from the perspective of “her”. But I would point out that for “him”, it would not be a big punishment except for the financial “losses”. πŸ™‚

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