to let the words flow

another clean page

i see them reach other hearts

altering meaning for each

bliss beyond compare

a new post on blog.

Here i attempted to merge two haikus to make sense either read alone or as a poem.

Prompted @ Haiku Heights and Sunday Scribbling

And to add this felling is the fact that Radhika (her blog hyperlinked) presented me with this Award :

What i remember first thing about Radhika’s blog is her post Then (hyperlinked) . She has such briliance in her writing as if words align into sentence as per her desire !! Read her to be amazed and entertained like never before !!

As per the rules of theis award, i pass this to few of the bloggers i enjoy reading every week :

Brian , MoonWriter , Desert Rose , Leo , Jingle , Anthony , Buttercup , G-Man

Am sure i have missed few. Will add them later on.

(Awarded peopleย  are supposed to please pass on this award to 4 (or more) bloogers )

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Spread the love, spread the word ..

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  1. Thanks so very much my dear friend, I am honored and humbled that you thought of me and will post this in my awards page as soon as our Monday Potluck tapers off…a bit crazy this time. You made my day full of smiles!!! Much love to you xxxx

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