Colors in life

This is my favorite spot – colorful, peaceful and unkown to the rest of the world ! Its hard to be alone for the most renowned designer in the country. But today I was free to go on a memory trip today while waiting for a very special guest.

I remembered my childhood – a skinny average IQ girl from a poor family who was considered good for almost nothing unless you count being scolded in every other class except the art class.

I remembered the day my first love, the topper of my class in college has laughed at me and asked, do you really think you are worth what you ask ? And that was when I first decided & replied with all my conviction “You don’t know about me yet, but one day you will”.

And then I remembered my first exhibition after Iย  finished learning design and architecture. Itย  was the annual cultural fest in the city. Lamps and lamp shades of glass , plastic or thick paper, in varied shapes and colors and as many different bulbs surrounded me – my face lit more with pride over my designs than the multi-colored lights from the lamps. And then SHE walked in, the small, shy looking girl with a huge grin on her face, colors playing on her pale skin, twinkle in her eyes. She was intently looking at one of the lamps.

“Do you want to buy this?” I asked the lady with the girl.
“I should, she rarely smiles for anything or anyone like this. But look at her now, she can’t stop grinning.” the lady replied with a warm smile.
As I turned to ask the girl which color will she like for her lamp, the lady cut off my sentence fast, “She can’t hear and she can’t speak”

“I am sorry to hear that about your daughter” I said recovering from the shock.
“She isn’t my daughter. I am her mentor. She lives in an orphanage. Me and my friends go there every weekend to spend time with these kids any way they want.” she explained to me.
“You are the light to these kids” I said softly to herself but it was audible enough.
“No, we are like your lamp shades, that get beauty from the light that’s inside these kids” she said as she took out money for the lamp.
“No need, its a gift from my side.” I said as i hugged the girl and gave the lamp to her.

She looked at me for a moment before hugging me back.


That was the changing moment in my life. I had found my calling. I was going to be a successful designer for sure but not for all. I learned more about the challenges of physically handicapped/challenged kids in our society and then i designed things for their easy use. It also gave me the reason to spend time with them, know their needs, their dreams and desires.

Today I am waiting to meet the girl again, the same who made my life seek the real cause for living. I heard she is a successful painter. And today she comes to meet her inspiration for colors – Me.


Prompted @ Tales Thursday , Submitted also to Carry On Tuesday

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  1. wow…i can read my story here…one day i realized that orphans need not the money the most..but some love and that day was the beginning of a thought which later became and NGO…!!

    thanks for sharing the tale dear..!! Thanks for joining the tales train..!!


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