Farewell time.till next time we meet.And it would not be not more than a week away.On cross roads we stand, facing each other : our trains will come from opposite directions, and go opposite ways. Last Wave of hand, last smile, the wait evident in the eyes, blurred image of trains crossing each other, soon trees are all i see passing by – A new journey.

The end is near now
Forces collide;cosmos are in chaos
silently we stare each other

This is a Haibun poetry form, Prompted at Big Tent Poetry

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0 thoughts on “Goodbye”

  1. I like this, it works on several different levels for me…reminds me also of something long ago…a chance meeting between two people (me and someone else) on a railways station in Swansea…I’d got off the train and this strange guy (unknown to me but very good looking) ran up to me picked me up, swirled me round and round, planted loads of kisses on me…then put down, gave me the biggest hug ever…tgrinned at me…then walked off…I was stunned…but delighted πŸ™‚

  2. Very nicely done and I too, like the image of the trains going in opposite directions, different paths, different lives. Goodbyes are difficult and I have a friend who will not say goodbye, but says, “Later, later…” We fool no one. Good piece of work and welcome to the Tent,


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