I am 50 posts young

This is dedication to all my blog readers. Thanks for accepting me so well !

Don’t even know

what, when or how

this page was born;

name changed  twice

template was new thrice

words yet only mine.

Love, life and dreams

or stuff with no mean

through all i been;

penning my heart

first love then hurt

sometimes poles apart;

The journey goes on

varying winds blow

to places unknown;

Till then i shall write

forgive me when not right

and hold me tight;

amidst your cares

here and everywhere

I am always there !


I made this for anyone and everyone who ever visited my blog :

(Feel free to copy and show it on your blogs. I will love that)


And to end this post with one of my favorite song :



Keep visiting !

Spread the love, spread the word ..

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  1. oh wow – congrats on 50 posts – and you put it into words so nicely! Having a blog is just fantastic – don’t you think? It’s like an Atelier on web…

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