Joie de vivre

“Be happy”,
that’s what he said
on the roads of parting
“stay happy my friend”.

“how do i”,
i wondered aloud
and before i could ask,
he was no where to be found.

“But I will”
was all i could promise
knowing if i did not,
he will never be at ease.

Years have passed
times took different turns
but to be happy always
i tried best from my end.

Often when i was at loss
of reasons or people to smile
i smiled at the mirror
planting the smile in ym eyes.

“Its not something outside”
i realized, even though late
“that makes you love your life.
But the desire to have it that way”

“I am happy”
I told you in dreams one day
“and i know you too might be,
you are bound to get,what you gave”

And that is the secret
for the joyous life i made
to be happy, to make others so
nothing difficult for you to create.

Prompted @ One single Impresion


“Life’s great always;we forget sometimes”

Written  for 6WS

Image Source ( Sorry could not locate exact source)

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  1. LIG ~ Life Is Good per the text message accronym.

    I loved your story of why and how your heroine (??-pictures said) came to stay happy and to share her (??) happiness. 🙂
    After you left, I left this little explanation of the sign on the roadside (beside the apple orchard):
    :The sign by the roadside orchard says, “piquer c’est voler,” meaning ‘bite is stealing.’ The red ‘dot‘ in the picture has an apple inside an international circle with a diagonal ‘no‘ line. This all is to say, ‘do not eat apples from the trees, it is stealing.’
    Picture was taken on Île d’Orléans, QC, Canada (link with map), just north of Quebec City, on the St. Lawrence River.”

  2. How wonderful a thought, that it might be enough to have a bike and flowers to impress and make life a joy. Moved me much. Please have a wonderful new week.

  3. Ok- THAT made me get teary as I am going through something that totally relates. I loved this and the message inside. We have all the tools we need for our own joyfulness. Thanks for the lovely poem and reminder.

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