Monument of Love

was he
to have build
“elegy in marble”

did he really act noble
when the men so skilled
lost hands for what was created
no love is this selfish;is it ?

(This poem is an experimental trial at mixing rhymes with syllables. by attempting rhyming pattern of abcddcba to the  syllable count of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.)

Prompted @ Sunday Scribblings and One Single Impression

Story behind the poem : Taj Mahal(Agra, India) is called the “elegy in marble” the tomb of Queen Mumtaz, build in her memory on orders from his husband, king Shah Jahan. There is also a rumor that the king got the hands of the artisans chopped off after the completion of Taj Mahal, so that no other such building could ever be built again.  More on this myth/tale here

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0 thoughts on “Monument of Love”

  1. This is a sad one dear… 🙁

    But did Sha Jahan is able to stop others from making other equally beautiful monuments…? I dont think so…

    well what he did make Taj Mahal more historical though!
    Thanks for sharing the tale behind the building of it. 🙂

  2. What a touching question you have asked.. yes, no love is this selfish.. but then perhaps the king prevailed.. if the story is true.. its indeed sad.. Thanks for your take on the prompt..

  3. dear poetess,
    So glad to see you in with Jingle Poetry this week.

    your building take is absolutely marvelous.
    keep shining.
    I am tickled by your support.

  4. it is seldom seen in this perspective and this hateable insight might attract unnecessary protest. to me, you are different and sympathetic. to those who earn a living out of this monument, i really wonder haha! thanks for sharing..

  5. I too have often wondered if chopping of hands of the people that built the Taj Mahal was really a fair deed? And somehow, I always thought “no”…
    But I guess the thought of romanticism tends to precede the more gory thoughts.. (sigh)…

    This was a beautiful poem on reality, Nimue.. a sad story, so well written!!!

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