So the heart spoke

your memories : make me say
million things
heart though : blank without your love.

Life was blank , then you came
you filled the blanks ,with lyrics so beautiful
you left , wish life could be blank again

wonder who : gives the right
to you to decide
what should be erased : from MY life

memories you gave, will never erase
you may forget me, i know i never will

dare you return : any day with a sorry
to say it was a mistake
i may forgive you : yet again

I’ll never forgive you,  for all the pain you gave
for all the love i deserved , never caring for what i cared

forgive or not : you will never know
i will gone
far along my life : better alone

Alone i was when i came,  alone i’ll be when i’ll go
its the lonliness in between , that pains.

coming alone : carefree song
going alone : just music
silence at last

Silence is what is left in this life , silence is the end of life
so what is left is the end, such is life?

life itself : is the song
you : can give
just the music

i’m a song
that god composed
life gave beats to
fill it with emotions
i’m not finished yet…..

This is a collaboration post by me and my twitter buddy Preeti. (The alternate free verses that are italicized are hers , mine are all gogyohka )

Submitted to One Shot Wednesday

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0 thoughts on “So the heart spoke”

  1. Raw emotion in your lines and the ending is both powerful and makes me wonder what that next line to the poem would be… stirring poem

  2. Great work done by the two of you. You wove it so intricately.

    Memories, silence, forgiveness and emptiness so much emotion whirling on the page – so reflective of a broken heart.

    Thank you for sharing with One Shot

    Hugs from the Moon

  3. love the last line – i’m not finished yet – despite all the grieve and sorrow – that says i will fight, i will get through it – i’m not done – i will rise again…

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