Am trying

“Am trying”
Its all i kept telling
slowly, half heartedly,
to the point of yelling..

“I tried”
that was all i could say
assertively, matter-of-fact-ly
for failing yet again.

“I promise to try hard”
I made it my motto lots time
but you never did believe me
that made it no easy in my life.

“Am trying”
Its all i can say right now
At least i accept the need to change
i just need to figure how.

Prompted @ One Single Impression


Try hard i do  to escape the past ~ to build for myself a new start

is it possible

to erase what i want ~ to have nothing for flashback ?

Prompted @ Sunday Scribblings


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  1. Fantastic! That hit me right in the sweet spot! I have been there! Thank you for sharing, this Sunday Scribblings thing has certainly introduced me to some wonderful writers!

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