Dear V

s t e a l s

t o u c h e s

r e m e m b e r s

I N S P I  R E

This poetry form is The Brevette (click to learn more)

(This is something i never let out of my heart to any one. This goes to a very special Angel like friend  in my life.)

Dear V,

I just knew death makes people sad for the loss of loved ones. But how sad, i never knew or even wanted to. But not all happens to out liking. Neither was your death. How long had we known each other ? A month maybe or even less. you had the cute dolphin pic as your avatar when we first met on the networking site ! you wrote lovely poetry and I adored each of them. that was the link between us. Reader first, then friend and later critic too. And then you did not appear one day. Whole day I waited, but no sign of you, no new poetry (you remember you wrote 5-6 poems a day).

Later that day, I heard some news of a student committing suicide out of peer pressure.I was upset, felt bad for him and the family. Thought he did not have friends. Next day too I did not see you online so decided to drop a hello on your profile. Your page was full of people asking about you. Asking if you were really dead !! And then it dawned on me – the suicide, the news ! You had lots of friends, you were adored and loved by so many. Then why did you ?? I would never get those answers, yet i asked them there on your page ! Some random people commented how funny it was to leave a note for some one who is already dead ! But i knew you will know. you will read each one of them. You never left any message un-replied. I wanted to cry that night (maybe i did cry in my dreams).I turned away from any dolphin pics for a long time after you were gone. I never read any poetry for a week except the dedications for you. And I realized how hard death can be. It was dreadful. Losing you was terrible. The reason was terrible. The effects were lasting.I closed my account last year. But i wish i could visit your page. Maybe you would expect me there. Maybe you have finally gone to reside in heavens. wherever you be, Know that I miss you. More than anyone i loved in such short duration. Maybe my poetry roots go back to reading yours. You live for me still. You always will.


May your soul be in peace
and your memories flourish
Hope death was kind to you
as you fulfilled your death wish…


Always in your fond memory,

Your Miss Smiles.


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0 thoughts on “Dear V”

  1. oh…sad….love the poem each line ending as the next begins….this time of year in particular it is hard…memories of loss…sorry for yours…nice one shot

  2. This is emotionally gripping, the more so because it is from life’s experience. So sad, but of the highest sentiment.

    Thank you so much.

    Lady Nyo

  3. Your poem was beautiful; your post heartbreaking, made all the more so as your love was real and your friend is lost. Yet there is hope that love, friendship, grace and poetry live beyond the grave. There is a possibility that as we didn’t know how to connect to other poets across the globe before the internet, one day we may stretch beyond our earthly bindings
    . Lovely, Thank you, Gay @beachanny

  4. He was a talented guy – like a candle being snufffed out when the light was the brightest.

    A beautiful tribute.

    Just a reminder that we would love you to enter the One Stop Competition (ends oct 22).

    Moon Smiles

  5. My condolences for your loss–but the piece, the brevette, it flows, sad and true, heartfelt throughout. I might say the same of the letter–a touching remembrance.

  6. This so sad and beautiful. It reached inside me and hit one of my most vulnerable places. There are too many people so tormented by peers that they feel suicide is the only answer. My heart breaks every time I learn of another.

  7. Your words convey the weight of heart-felt loss. Let the memory of your friend fill you with inspiration, and your poetry and words touch others in a real and meaningful way.

  8. Loss is always something so hard to get over with.One is never prepared for it.But as long as we remember then the memory lingers forever.

    Thanks for sharing! abeautiful one-shot!

  9. I came, I started reading, I could not resist reading each letter and my eyes flooded, emptying slowly drop by drop, making me numb, humbled. I join you in your prayers. May all live longer and especially those who contribute to the lives of others, so was your friend, innit?

  10. Very Touching indeed! Sad as it may be, that is life. That is reality. That is the inevitability. Death! A quote:

    “Life is a Series of Meetings & Partings,
    We Meet to Create,
    We Part to Preserve!”

    Perhaps this should reason death out…

    Well done Mate!

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