hopeless moments


fragile leaf tremors
not scared from rampant winds
but from the hopeless tree

Prompted @ 3WW


You wanted to marry me!
I begged you for that.
I never loved any one but you.
I did,but not more than i loved you.
you did know my reasons.
I tried to understand you.
I now want to marry you.
I do not.
You love me still, right ?
Maybe. But i love myself more.

This is one of the few conversations i used to practice in my head till last year. Then i realized the futility of it. I was remembering him rather than forgetting. But this is a lesson to all of you who can not decide and stand for your love at the right time !

Written for Friday flash55

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0 thoughts on “hopeless moments”

  1. poor hopeless tree, i hope it manages to save the leaves after hearing it πŸ˜€

    ur haiku made me smile πŸ™‚

    it’s very necessary to love yourself before loving anyone else. beautiful poem!

  2. It can be very hard to forget someone – try forgiving them instead. Then get over them and move on. Much more productive.

    (I know, I know – easier said than done – but what isn’t, right?)

    Interesting 55!

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