On edges of my dream

On the blurred edges of my dreams,
where i search for you each night,
I found you once waiting for me,
smiling at me,or maybe on my plight.

It was a dream i know for sure,
you stood as the royal unicorn,
I remember just your smiling face
as time witnessed a tryst of souls.

You told you will wait till eternity,
but I was forbidden to yet,sleep forever,
unless I was done with spreading love
that was meant for you,but shared never.

There was some one else,worthy around
who would hold me just like I always wished,
the way I see in my dreams each night,
he is the one,the true anchor of my ship.

Saying so you left me on doors of dawn
to open my heart and let love rule it again
to make space for the cheerful dreams
and let your memories wash away the pain.

Each night since then,I dream of you
full of pride and care,my royal unicorn
to me you always will be the real star
no matter who says “you are no more”.



This poem was first written as inspired by the pic in the post, it was edited and lengthened to be submitted to the feature magazine Fried Eye. Posting it after its been published there in their latest volume.

Submitted to Poets Rally Week31

And i take a chance to formally acknowledge my award for last rally. Its a wonder 3 people voted for me and made this possible  !! Thank you Jingle for the grace you bestow on me and to all the readers of Poetry Rally !


Perfect Poet Award Rally 30
Perfect Poet Award Rally 30

Won it for 3 votes at thursday Poetry rally !!!


Spread the love, spread the word ..

0 thoughts on “On edges of my dream”

  1. Wow!!! I loved the flow of words .. no doubt you won the aaward last time …

    Am still under the spell of the line – “you always will be the real star
    no matter who says “you are no more” ”

    Huggsss…. keep the words coming girl!!! 😛

    P.S: Thank you for promoting my guest post and liking it – The lgal rights one at Blogadda – hope now u know who am 😉 😉

  2. lovely poem and an awesome pic 😀
    i can und how pics can become inspirations for poems happens with me most times 😀
    i hope all your dreams comes true 😉

  3. To me the unicorn is the beautiful and loving spirit of our true nature that we forget to remember as we go about our days. And when we do tap into that deeper place within it may feel like a dream. But then again, maybe this is the dream and the unicorn is the truth. Beautifully expressed. Peace, Sharie

  4. Your words fit the picture very well, Lady Nimue.
    The melancholy tone makes me want to wish your dream true.
    After all, it is we who decide what is real, and what is an illusion.

  5. Beautiful poem…you just have captured the emotions right in your words..
    the last stanza boost the whole poem..
    Love the way you write…beautiful…

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