Standing (proud) ?

I see a sweet little girl, trying to balance her tiny feet on the sidewalk ; one feet ahead of the next ; holding her fancy dress in her pink fingers. But not for a second do i confuse her with me. I am not her , She is not me. She should not be. Not ’cause i wasn’t this happy and playful when young but ’cause i am not like her today – 20 years later.

I laugh at myself still though knowing well it’s for world’s sake. I curse myself for my mistakes and yet make them again. I live in the pain of lost love and treat it like ecstasy. My words are fueled from the darkness that lurks in my life. The days are brighter than they should be – don’t you know that light turns others blind too ? the nights darker than they could be – i even hide my shadows from myself.

I don’t ever hurt others – its considered a sin ! I betray none, bother none. No one is allowed to love me any more though i seek love from many. I hate just my loneliness as much i enjoy my solitude. I am contradiction that agrees most with my doubts. I am tears in motion, fears that feasts my soul.

I am all this more – And i wonder how i became so ! where is that shy girl gone  ! One who loved just herself and laughed on just her own reflection.

And yet you do not need to worry – I stand tall and proud ! Isn’t what the world thinks i am  !!

I act what you want to see; I do what you will never like to !



This post was started as prompted at Thursday Tales but the real inspiration came from “Imperfect Prose”. i rarely let my ideas go this way. and am not really sure if i did it well.



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  1. I rather liked what you did with this prompt…what you penned engaged me and encouraged me to keep reading…so that’s “a good thing” or at least that’s what I’ve been told. 😉

    1. I was actually waiting for your comment ! thank you for the kind words .. As much i was apprehensive of this post, i was kind of glad to have attempted it 🙂

  2. What a beautiful inner reflection of a sweet dear soul, — the same innocence still lingers from childhood, how can it now be so? otherwise, your thoughts would not be from your heart.

    Lovely, just adored this wonderful tender poem.


  3. It is an interesting confession of girl who grew up to stand tall and proud, and who didn’t care what the world thinks of her!

    Admirable narration. Loved it!

    Mine is now up also! 🙂

  4. Very contradicting!

    But at the end it is so good when you can realize and find who you truly are whether the world likes it or not.

    The shy girl is gone? I dont really think so! I think she stills goes out to play sometimes. What do you think?

  5. This is a beautiful tale…I love the inner contradictions she possesses. I think we can all relate to solitude and pain and yet holding a more bold face to the world. Lovely writing here and great photos!

  6. hey loved your tale….its the story of every person who grows up and pretends to be strong just to show society

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