I “knit”

Dreams of past
from mind i fish
and color them in
future memories.
some beads of love
i gather silently
patches of tears
i join them with.
I imagine not
what shape i want
nor do i bother
of colors life grant.
I gather when i knit
metaphorical threads
daily ideas in my head.
I offer to all the gift,of
what i make and wear
it talks of wisdom
if you pretend to hear.
I sometimes dread the time
my fingers cease to move
but never will i desert
the yarn that broods.


Written for Poetry Rally Week 33Β , Submitted also to Z to A challenge – K

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0 thoughts on “I “knit””

  1. Very nice metaphor. In my novel, Grace Awakening, there is a point where the mother takes up knitting while the daughter is in hospital and there is speculation that she is metaphorical knitting her daughter back together… Same sort of idea. I also think of people as ‘threads of continuity’ which is present here as well. Thanks for sharing this. It’s well crafted and pensive.

    My potluck entry: http://shawnbird.com/2010/11/16/what-does-love-sound-like/

  2. I have knitted both sweaters and pants for my baby before he was born 17 years ago…
    a mother’s love is thoughtful and patient.
    beautiful craft,
    thanks for sharing it with poets rally.

  3. Interesting exploration of knitting as a metaphor/symbol. Caught your link from Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally and glad to get a chance to read a new poet. Very sincere writing; excellent submission.


  4. i LOVE the last line. “I sometimes dread the time
    my fingers cease to move
    but never will i desert
    the yarn that broods.”
    Those lines are just — epic. Awesome poem, I love the form and the way it flowed. Awesome job!

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