Not always you need words
to express what you feel;
listen to the wordless music
if you do not yet believe.

Let music lead you
to the harmonious world
of beats, rythm and notes,
not always you need words.

trust not just what you hear
imagine even the unreal
ignore not when music talks
to express what you feel.

Words have their instant charm
but it can be attimes misleading
best way to feed your soul is,
listen to the wordless music.

Words have their instant charm
but trust not just what you hear
Let music lead you once,
if you do not yet beleive.

This is a cascade poetry where the lines of first stanza appear as last lines of consecutive stanza. So every cascade poem has the number of stanza as N + 1 where N = number of lines in first stanza.
I have further added a variation to this by repeating even the first lines of all stanza to make the last one

Prompted @ Big Tent Poetry.
Submitted to Z to A challenge – M

Also submitted to Poetry Potluck

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29 thoughts on “Music”

  1. Not only did you do a very good job with the cascade, I really enjoyed the content. As someone who is musically inept, I listen in awe as those with talent play. You captured this very well!

  2. This is delightful. I’ve not tried this form, but I will now and I really like how you developed your own end. I’ll have to try that also. The poem itself was wonderful.

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