Poetry of titles

Weaving words in my head
a bridge of elemental thoughts
a festival of dream chase,
memory, the forever friends,
inspiration – colors in life,
For life is the muse of beauty.

If i would be some one else,
i prefer the things change not,
Poetry for me is a lesson (f)or lost,
me and blogs,young by God’s grace
a match of head and heart,
road to bliss,reason to smile.

faith i keep,in what i write
ripples of hopeless moments
I let go like,not clasp like outcast,
qualified yet am not,to stand proud
’cause Life is a untiring struggle
am trying,and awarded alike.

This is a poem i wrote from the title of all my previous posts. Dedicated to Netsonix for the idea of this post.

Submitted as part of One Stop Poetryโ€™s One Shot Wednesday

And now an announcement of a challenge : Months of a year challenge

Spread the love, spread the word ..

0 thoughts on “Poetry of titles”

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  2. That is so clever – now I get it
    interesting how a poet can have a flow even in the midst of differing subjects

    nicely crafted my friend

    thanks for sharing with One Shot and your weekly support

    moonie smiles

  3. Here’s an idea:

    How about doing something similar with the titles of other people’s posts?

    (Maybe I’ll pass the idea to the folks at Netsonix)

  4. Flows well, lyrically. Religious poetry is anathemic to me – I usually delete a website the second I realize the author is stating-it-bold religious person – but this, like previous work I’ve read by you, made me ditch my usual ‘ditch the religious white noise’ urge.

    Exemplary, interweave-with-past-work work.

  5. It’s soooo good to commemorate one own writing! And you have done it really well, Nimue..
    Out of a zillion thoughts crossing our mind at any given instant, if we are able to write down at least a few, it’s quite an achievement! A beautiful written pice for One Shot, my friend..
    Many hugs to you.. and I hope you keep writing your musings for a long long time to come..

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