Qualified to wed

Smiling faces with prying eyes,
humor laced words flow back and forth.
The guy appears shy –
the centre of attraction though,
His parents narrating the worth –
education, wealth,family and future,
Her parents look pleased
and curious enough to ask bit more –
Its the girl’s turn now
to be talked of in similar details
education, skills,hobbies and plans –
two kings describing their treasure trails.
All eyes now set in anticipation,
immediately the girl is gestured to come
with a smile pasted on the nervous face
she enters bearing the burden of family name.
The guy gives a hurried look,
one towards the girl,another to his folks
and the decision is sealed,
they did not like what they came to see.
she knows it well –
knew it before she stepped in front
she does not have a pretty face
nor the body blessed with grace.
It matters not,how well she read
or the fact she earned family’s bread –
It was a shame she didn’t look good
all other qualifications were put to end.

Submitted to Z to A challenge – Q

Also linked to 3WW and Imperfect Prose

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0 thoughts on “Qualified to wed”

  1. This poem is good because it talks about something which is so very real in our society. Someday, this will all be abolished, i hope.

    About the technical aspect of the poem, your rhyme is good but you need to polish it a bit more. Maybe dividing the poem in four line paragraphs will help. Just a suggestion, you asked me to be critical 😉

    Rock on 🙂


  2. That was the most different one read in last few,started with a comical sense & ended with the reality…
    The heart that you have is Golden,
    The depth of seas & height of mountains,
    Unleash & flutter the wings,so are your creations….

  3. Is that so? Is it in India? Thank God, it’s not a practice here in our country!

    This is sad…:( but you presented it well making your readers read with gusto! 🙂

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