Blessing in disguise

His enthusiasm was scary
but the smile so charming
His praises sounded dreamy
but the way he said was sweet.

He confused her with his ways
yet amazed her with his wit
He challenged her thoughts
without ever demanding it.

He opened the doors for her
to the world she longed to see
but had marked as forbidden
for reasons unknown to be.

He wasn’t the first or the best
of people she liked in her life
but he sure brought to her
the joys she has lost to time.

God send for you his angels
in forms and ways we know not,
but the blessings be felt as friends,
irrespective how you come across.

Dedicated to my new friend “donkey” 😉

Submitted to Months of the year challenge – November

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0 thoughts on “Blessing in disguise”

  1. amazing poem.. very personal it seems.. and special.. hope and wish that the doors that just unlocked have a path to be tread and is not just any other room!
    am sure the person depicted in the lines is blessed enough to find you, and sees it as a blessing but not in disguise..
    God bless you..

  2. I agree friends are a blessing no matter what disguise they may don. Key to a great relationship which blossoms and grows old on you!!

    Successful friendship is not finding the perfect friend but being able to communicate effectively with the friends you have.

    You gave a lovely read!!

  3. best wishes for friendships…
    I try to follow the current…

    thanks for the sweet nature. your poetry rocks.

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