Month of the year challenge – final Update

In total of 70 posts were submitted to the challenge posted by following 16 bloggers :

Jingle , Vivinfrance, Victoria, LadyNimue , Victoria Hendricks, Ibeingme, Nanka , Leo , Kavita, SomeoneIsSpecial, Tweety, Viv, Sumit Sarkar, Priyanka, Shail, Willie Wizzy

 Find all the posts linked to the page on my blog :  Challenge#1 Month of the Year

Thank you to all those who wrote and more to the ones who read and commented on these posts !

 Till next challenge , Happy Blogging 🙂

Keep writing awesome 🙂

Spread the love, spread the word ..

0 thoughts on “Month of the year challenge – final Update”

  1. It certainly was a tough challenge you threw and all the poems i read were gorgeous. if they are collected and published yearwise it will be a book worth reading again and again.

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