To let out the pain;
Ease the tension in brain;
Accept my weakness;
Retrieve the strength;’cause
Soon I must overcome it all.

June was the month when i was going through no-joys-all-sorrows phase of year 2010. And being the person i am, i admit i give into disappointments too easily although i do not let them rule my head for long. This post is a reminder of the fact that sorrows do not last, but when you get them as company, do not feel ashamed to be weak at times.

Written for Months of the year challenge – June

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0 thoughts on “Tears”

  1. you can overcome anything or everything if you set your mind to.

    love the compactness.
    uplifting and entertaining,

  2. Hey Lady.. Cheer up……….
    If happiness didn’t last, so won’t sorrow.. really!!

    I do a lot of retrospection and have learnt on an arrogant fact that you would cry only if you make yourself vulnerable.. Then again, we do tend to get affected by sudden failures and mishappenings.. 🙁

    Just remember, I am always around- no matter what.. I may not be very regular in commenting (hate me for this), due to other blogging commitments, I can be quite a pillow.. 😀

    Wishing you a Wonderful New Year Dear One xox

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