Being Alone

This is the first time i am going to write some thing of this sort on my blog. No imagination, no fiction, just whatever random thoughts i have in my mind , though not too long i hope.

Being alone does not mean to live alone, but to be able to survive most days alone. There are times when we all need company or support of friends and family, but if you can be happy the rest of the days on your own, I think you will live happy most life.

My first step to being alone was to go out for a movie on y own. I never liked people who talk in middle of the movie. And i prefer NOT to be disturbed when i am watching movie in a theater. But still, watching a movie alone was a weird idea. Thanks to my friends who happen to forget me when going for a movie, i went alone to watch the next movie before any of them so i can trouble them by telling the story (mean i know, but it worked in my favor 😉 ) I loved going alone , having the whole popcorn tub to yourself and not having some one disturb to tell you how lovely the heroine’s dress looked or that she looks fat (She still is acting darling, unlike you and me)

Next step was to go out for coffee alone. I know coffee places are best to meet friends, sit , talk and relax. But what to do f all of your friends prefer proper meal time at a costly restaurant than the coffee time ? (no wonder most of the guys are single !  A lot can happen ONLY over a coffee guys 😉 ) So one day when i was tired of making any one move their lazy bones out of the house, i took my novel, my Ipod and went to the nearest coffee house. And i so much loved the time ! I spent two hours there and had to be reminded to return home. That was the day I knew i could be on my own.

I do not like shopping (Yes, i hate it unless i am in dire need to buy some thing) and i absolutely hate window shopping. Initially i used to accompany my friends for shopping but most times i would drift apart to a book store and be lost among the books. Soon they stopped asking me to come with them unless they do not have any one else. And so it became a bit difficult for me to ask any of them to come with me for shopping trips. So i started going alone at times. Now i am totally comfortable doing that. Not that i enjoy it much. Its just another task for me.

That leaves us with being alone in your house ; with or without people around. I love talking so its always fun to have friends around but when left on my own, i prefer being with books and music. Books are your best friends, no doubt about it now. Any time, any where, books can be your saviour from boredom. Another hobbly that i picked last year was writing. It started with saving some tweets on a blog and then moved on to writing short poems and fiction. Look around , notice people, keep your mind open and you will always have a story to tell.

And still on days, when nothing of this fills the vaccum of your heart, be sure you still have a few friends who understand your need to be alone and love you still as much. Friends with whom silence speaks more than the words. so you can tell them that some days, being alone makes you feel lonely too.

 PS : There is still one thing i have not had the heart to try , and that is going out for a dinner alone. Maybe this year !

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  1. The best thing one can do alone is *Cry* or rather let me re-frame *crying* should be done alone only.
    Most of the times I don’t like going out, shopping, going to movie, dining alone. But then will have to try and see how it feels 🙂

    1. Prasad, I find the gift of tears, alone or witnessed, is a miracle. You may find crying alone the best; I am known as “water soluble,” in that I cry at the drop of a hat! For happy or for sad. I’ve known men who have struggled their whole lives to “find” their tears. Your are lucky, my friend, trust me, an old girl! Amy (Sharp Little Pencil)

      1. I share this feeling with you ! I can not and prefer not to cry alone .. it is much more saddenning to know you do not have friends who can bear your tears ..

  2. After reading this I recognize we have lots of similarities, the difference being I can’t get used to loneliness. I know when I learn to cope it, I’ll possibly become braver, happier and I’ll feel better about myself.

    Kiss you dear. =*

  3. You are my mirror image, seriously. I stay alone, does all these things alone. It’s fun and you are independent. You can behave the way you want and are not binded to some one else.

    I loved it !!!

  4. One heck of a lonely write.. oops.. i mean, lovely write! :))

    We are alone and we need to accept the fact. Loneliness can be fun like you described with your random experience…. blah blah…

    And yes, hope you have a lonely dinner too, soon.

    Keep writing. 🙂

  5. I actually prefer my alone time to friend time.
    You spoke of coffee houses in this poem.
    They are my absolute favourite places, naturally i am extremely particular about who if anyone shares the table with me.
    Though being human we all need interaction.

  6. You will get there, I am sure. I have done a lot alone, travelled through Europe with a backpack, gone to dinner, broadway shows, movies, theater, concert, shopping, and clubbing alone. I do a lot of things alone as I do not know anyone where I live. It has been like that for the past 4 years. I am also blessed to have worked with a lot of seniors who are about 80 and up to 96 who do all of these things alone and I realized that at the end of the day, most of us will end up alone. I decided to get used to the idea, embrace it and just “be”. Yes, it sure gets lonely sometimes and thank goodness there are online communities. Most of of my friends are cyber friends with whom I share emails, letters, post on boards with etc…This sure helps beat loneliness. I have friends in different time zones, thus when loneliness hits, there is always someone online with whom I can interact.

    It is not that bad…enjoy! 🙂

    1. This was a wonderful thing you shared .. I never thought of old age or a time when i will AGAIN be alone .. till now i await some one to be a part of my life to share my lonliness at times .. never dared to think what about when the person is gone .. duh ,, sad thoughts i know but make so much sense .. Will work a bit more to be independent in more senses 🙂

  7. …bring a book to dinner. You will find yourself “addicted”. You get served – you read, you linger alone. I do find, though, lunch works better than dinner. (and it is cheaper).

  8. I have spent lots of time alone, so I loved this “experiment,” if one can call it that. I like going to coffee shops or dining alone, pen and journal close by, to record passing comments or observations. Glenn Gould used to record restaurant conversations, then splice them into “symphonies of the voice” for Canadian radio!

  9. I really enjoy being solitude, people see it as a weakness, but I see it as a strength! I can think and hear things I would never have been able to if I was surrounded by noise of others. But I have to say, I’ve never really eaten alone but I can do almost anything else on my own 😉 Nice blog! Check mine out. I’m a newbie!

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