Blessed Feet

Oh God, bless my feet
to move more than a feet
when i need to hit the streets
and not for the culinary treats.

Oh God, bless my feet
to move my lazy bones
out of the comfort zone
and bare the paths of stones.

Oh God, bless my feet
to keep me far away
from places i need not stay
                                                                  at,let temptations be slayed.

Oh God,bless my feet
to stay put when i need
to be grounded by thee
for the promises i did not keep

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Wriiten for Big Tent Poetry

Also submitted to Poetry Potluck Week 17

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0 thoughts on “Blessed Feet”

  1. It has been a while, hope that you have a promising and fulfilling 2011 ahead.
    We have enjoyed your support in 2010, a great big thanks here, cheers!

    We will have our 17th potluck beginning this Sunday, Hope to see you in.

    our theme this week is: “the road ahead”, but you are welcome to share old poems or poems unrelated to our theme..

    The more you share, the happier we are…
    You have been a gem to our community, keep shining with your fabulous talent and have fun!

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