Hate you time : Stone#8 #aros

You time, fate and blah blah …
why the hell you can not let my thoughts rest !
Every time i  gather and sort them and bind them with sense, you have to come and explode right in the middle of it !
Now don’t dare say that I should be happy with what i get, yeah, try that tonight on me and you are doomed !
Of course I am glad to go with life’s flow but will you please let me do that without throwing pebbles into my soul ?
I am ashamed and guilty I can not be happy even with my joys , forget about considering others ! Does that appeal you ?

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0 thoughts on “Hate you time : Stone#8 #aros”

  1. No, it does not. You direct yourself to your destiny. We have choices, and we will always have. The choice is to be made between the convenient and the hard one. Stay true to yourself! That’s all.

  2. Now don’t dare say that I should be happy with what I get, yeah, try that on me tonight and you’re doomed … I say that many times when I want something really bad and destiny seems to be in a different frequency than my own.

    Loved the post! Bravo!

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