I cooked dinner

I suddenly wanted to cook,
but not for myself this time
maybe my parents will love it
to have a special meal tonight.

So i picked some recepies i know
and knew well to make them best
and wrote each ingrediant in detail
in case i missed any of it in the end.

I invited my best friend for dinner
no harm in getting an honest opinion
on what i thought is a likeable meal
to be enjoyed well on the whole.

A curry, some lentils , and lot of spices
a special dough for the bread is made
a last minute thought dessert by mom
and i was all set to acknowledge the likes.

Apart from the under cooked curry,
every thing was perfectly done,
and i covered that disappointment of me
but brewing a perfect coffee flavour.

The dinner was fun and lively too
after a long time i showed my skills
and i would have been all so happy
if not for the piles of crckery in the sink.

Prompted @ Big Tent Poetry

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