Miss you (not) : Stone#6 #aros

Your memory is not something I can’t ignore –
 I do not have that much spare time.

Your words are not what make me smile or cry –
Its the meaning behind them that matters.

Your actions speak nothing to me –
I carve for the reactions they fetched out of me.

Your lessons never were to my liking –
I just miss the feeling of being cared like that.

Your approval was something i seeked –
I no longer have the same beleif  on me.

You are not some one I can’t forget –
I do not want to forget you ever.

you are some one I wish i could forget –
I do not want to lose myself in the process.



 Written as a part of “A river of Stones

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  1. We’ll try to forget some people in a lifetime, but it’s not as if we could erase them and the effect they had on us for some timem, it’s nothing like that. Whatever the damage made is, it helped somehow to make us stronger, it brought us to this point in life, this moment we are living now and you can end up discovering stones you collect and keep close, they won’t do any harm.


  2. Struggling times ahead. But they’ll pass. It’s hard being this position, but it’s a life experience. A good friend of mine said: “this and death happen to all of us”.
    Thank you, I almost forgot how it is to love and hate in the same time

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