Turn back time

Her husband did not approve of magic and  She loved him too much to accept doing it – she would be dead without any of them. Today she gave birth to another angel. And now was the time for final act of magic – to make sure she lived with her forever. She became her angel’s twin. 

This story was inspired by the thought of turning back time for yourself – and this was the best i could think of a reason for doing it.

Inspired from the image at Thursday Tales ,

Also Submitted also to Friday flash 55

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0 thoughts on “Turn back time”

  1. a lovely selfless act — a great story in 55 words. If only it would that easy peasy.. never-the-less, interesting premise.


  2. If we could only hold onto time or push it back…

    It’s a well done 55
    would love to hear more

    Best to you in the New Year

  3. Oh woww.. this was quite a vivid thought! And so beautifully executed too!!
    Too good!!!I saw ‘angel’, and let out a dreamy sigh.. then I saw angel twins and simply fell dreaming!!

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