I feel the loss

Some times, life brings you in contact with a person whom you feel so connected to, who in his own weird ways makes you happy, who irritates you and annoys you but still you like to have him around.

And then Life does not like this – Or maybe you met this person by mistake. You were never supposed to know his existence. and that maybe would have been good for you both.

Whatever be the scene, you did come into my life , you did make me smile , you made me want to either kick you or some one else at least from the ways you fought with me every other day. I did not mind fighting even the false blames most times. but today I give up. If you can not trust me but more depend on the technologies and your ideas about me, let it be.

I just hope some day you will read this and realize I was not lying !

I already feel the loss of losing a friend.
I will miss you sometimes.

Take care “pagal”

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