We walked..

Hand in hand,
we always walked,
no matter day
or the hours of dark.

You being my eyes
I be your words
together we make
better of the worst.

I be your music
you sing the songs
in the language
to world, unknown.

You hold me close
when desires tempt
and show me light
where peace dwelled.

I  pull you back
when madness rules
and ease the pains
that trouble you.

Hand in hand,
I wanted to walk,
till you let me free
to explore the dark.

Tainted I now feel,
to hold your hand
pain is all i will get
in your dream land.


Inspired by the comments shared with NU here

Submitted to Poets Rally Week 38

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0 thoughts on “We walked..”

    1. all pleasures for thie poetry copy righted to me 😉
      Well as i always say, a good post always inspires me. It was worthy to be reading you and having that conversation. Thank you again.

  1. I agree with Life: Between the Lines! This was so beautiful…and then it ended in pain. 🙁 I know that life is like that, sometimes (okay, a lot of the time), but darnit! It was like…being built up, only to have hopes dashed at the end! Well…I enjoyed it anyway.

  2. Usually the people we love hurt us the most … so very true, you’ve captured a moment like this perfectly in words! Thank you for all your visits to my blog … sorry for the late return visit, busy, busy here! Excellent contribution to Rally!

  3. Dreamy……………..
    What a perfect capture of a romantic time..

    Super- like it.. Sounds like perfect companion..
    Hand in hand,
    we always walked,
    no matter day
    or the hours of dark..

    Love xxxx

  4. Wow, this is great. It almost sounds as if you are talking about me. The darkness we travel in with the ones we care about can indeed creep over us without us knowing. Great way to spin this, thanks for sharing with us!

  5. life’s true experiences..impressive lines, but I must admit that the snake on the left did frighten me…

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