With(out) you

“Move on !” you would have yelled;

“Get a life !” i hear at  each bend;

is that life worth all these tears;

wondering, each time recoil in fear.

I am used to spend nights crying

At each failure,i still  keep trying

that someday you would be blocked

your words in my head will stop.

Choices i have,laid straight for me

forget you and regain my peace

but the promise that i made to you

to not fade away,i have to make true.

wherever i be,or with anyone

in  my heart’s corner you will dwell

this is my choice i want to live with

in my dreams where you still exist.

Prompted @ OSI

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0 thoughts on “With(out) you”

  1. You did good with the feelings of inadequacy.
    It made me wonder what it would be like to
    live in a ‘world’ that one wanted.
    It read nice, I liked it. 🙂

  2. And to keep someone cuddled in the corner of heart and then expecting something warm in future.. hope you would remain as strong as you would like to be . Hope this choice is without any expectations in return..

    Very emotional write this!

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