0 thoughts on “Love lost cause.”

  1. This is what happeens when we start to take each other for granted.. and it does happen veyr often .. only when we part and move away we realise how and where we went wrong but lucky are those people who realise and do something about it ..

    always a second chance I beleive in ..

    been there myself pity and now repent …

    1. It might further go to the stage that this stagnant phase appears t be the whole truth and one loses interest in reviving the relationship ! That is what hurts most .. and it hurts both 😐

  2. Agree with Bikram – the greatest mistake is to take each other for granted
    A sad verse, I can so relate to it….but life can offer some brighter surprises along the way… πŸ™‚

  3. Sad aspect of relationships that no longer serve our highest good. To get past the hurt … We often have to get out of our own way – to realize the lessons learned, and the blessings as a result of no longer having that relationship. Sad but true πŸ™

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