A flash fiction based on Human Nature :

The sunrise was brilliant that morning. Such an odd day for them not to be together – the first too. She wished she could go with him to the lake, The same where she met him, where he proposed and suddenly she remembered it was the same place he supposedly met his new wife too.

Written for Monday Morning Writing Prompt

Also aubmitted to G-Man’s Friday flash 55 collection


No man or technology(is)
Able enough till date
To create the beauty of
Untouched flora and fauna
Raw in form since occurrence
Evolving daily, yet the same.

Prompted @ March challenge  (Day 7 – Nature) and sunday scribblings  (Raw)

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0 thoughts on “Nature”

  1. I love your wonderful nature acrostic and your flash fiction was well done–left me with questions–is there something mysterious about that lake location…? xo

  2. It’s hard to improve on nature it’s true,
    although there are many who think they do,
    asphalt here, green grass there,
    until nothing grows anywhere.

  3. Now why did he have to do that? Solid 55.

    And I very much agree with the poem, though some folks, mostly legislators, seem to think otherwise.

  4. They just can’t stay away can they?
    Loved your 55 My Friend
    Thanks for playing, thanks for your support, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. “To create the beauty of
    Untouched flora and fauna
    Raw in form…”

    That sounds so nice how it flows together. Excellent acrostic 55!

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