I wonder not who
but i wonder a lot “how”
I bother not the “when”
but I want to know “why”
It wasn’t meant to be so
only plants must decay
And the crap they make
it help other creatures right ?
But look at the mess
dirty politics creates,
deserving declared incompetant
failures still glorified
The cleaners barred from talks
and public blind folded.
All talk no action,thats untrue
every action will be heard
let time declare the leaders of truth.

These random wriiten, personal views are prompted @ March Challengeย  (Day 4 – Politics)

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0 thoughts on “Politics”

  1. Indeed. Truth. And we are all – people everywhere – frustrated almost beyond words. But you’ve put the words to it here. Nicely done, dear friend.

    Poem on. Happy Friday!

  2. Sad state of affairs, by the way ur 1st 4 lines make u a good student of Science and equally bad student of History! :p

  3. “Look at the mess dirty politics creates,” summed it up. I look at history and marvel at the unselfish minds that created the Constitution, and wonder what happened to honesty, integrity and common sense?

  4. I’m living in the epicenter of dirty politics right now, nimue, you know: Madison, WI. It’s always the same outcome: Money = Speech, per the Supreme Court; hence, the more money you have, the more influence, the more votes, if you will. And the Koch Brothers (The Heritage Foundation, barf) have installed a man who’s such a puppet you can practically see the strings attached! GREAT work! Amy

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