0 thoughts on “Slavery of words”

    1. I take that this is what you iamgine the lines to be written for .. My idea was different – it was about a difficult to handle muse – that wants to b captured in words or art πŸ™‚

  1. Words are to be used as your will decides, they are the slave to your mastery, they respond to your thoughts and ideas…and you use them well. Many thanks for your visit, Ladynimue, your comment was much appreciated. xPenx

  2. Well you have got us worked out; “Slaves of similar kinds”.
    The pain comes from trying to get the brain’s computer to disgorge the right information for a timely post.

  3. this is awesome! a brilliant combination of both the prompts- just loved it.

    we truly are slaves to our muses, atleast i am- it all depends on her whims and moods.

  4. Words..make one think..who wants to.. instead of being ‘slave’I would enjoy being a ‘friend’.. but then we all have to think in context of where we are.. and we all are right..

  5. why is it like this? we can’t catch up with the muse. we’re always a step or two behind. if there’s any consolation, she keeps on urging us to follow her and be not afraid.

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