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  1. I kept reading your first four lines over and over. They were like an optical illusion. I could see them two ways, with opposite meanings. I can’t even explain it, the punctuation seems right, but it’s still there. I hope I’m not suffering from one of the milder forms of psychosis, because if I can figure it out I want to write something like it. Neat.

    1. To say the truth , i wrote this with the words “thank you” in mind. but a read later did give me the same thoughts as you .. Words do cover up for lot of actions .. and vice versa too ..

  2. LOLss
    Good that you brought it up here. I know many of those who need to take a lesson or two!
    They would say-
    1) “wow ”
    2) Divine words- even if that may be gruelingly Gothic
    3) Intense Imagery (just about anywhere n everywhere)

    Hope they read this.. lolss

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