Was It love ?

A question never  meant for you
still feilds the volley of answers
your random actions direct to me
teasing the force you have on me
disrupting the balance of words;
Identical to the fears you host,
I swim in the pools of my doubt,
trusted forces create this curtain;
You say time always win over love
I wonder if there was any between us;
Dual thoughts with just one solution
Cease to be mine.I was never yours.


Prompted @ 3WW , Submitted also to Poets Rally

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0 thoughts on “Was It love ?”

  1. love is a fantasy when it comes to online romance,

    as I see, a 50 year old woman who lacks confidence could use an 28 year old image to stay attractive, online romance won’t last long, folks either drop out because of the pressure, or quite since it is hard to actually come to face to face.

    it is safe to stay professional, you never lose a friend, but you could lose the friendship once you step further…

    sad and witty words, best wishes…

    Thanks for attending poets rally.

  2. That wasn’t the ending I hoped for. So sad but beautifully written. Choices do have to be made and life goes forward. A new opportunity for love may materialize if your heart is open.

  3. I loved your swimming in the ‘pools of doubt’. Breaking up is hard to do even for the one who causes the hurt. I really liked this. Quick jump back in and change ‘feilds’ for ‘fields’.

  4. Poignant thoughts, but I could so well relate Ladynimue…

    Each one of us has its own set of thoughts, at times happy, more often times sad!!!

    Good morning and let happy thoughts flood our hearts and minds today!

  5. “Cease to be mine.I was never yours.”

    it says so much or so little that it takes time for me to fathom..can so relate.. fb status message stuff i tell you

  6. Truly thought-provoking, Nimue…after several reads, my heart breaks at the contradictory emotions. Your turn of phrase, so nicely done while incorporating the prompt! Great job!!

  7. I felt this was a tale of mistaken love.. but was it with a lover, or with an alternate aura to oneself I couldn’t make out. A powerful take..

  8. how is your day?

    please find time visiting poets who were here for you but you did not visit yet..


    have fun. 🙂

    I am saying this to all participants, it is fun when we get this done…

  9. “Cease to be mine. I was never yours.” What an excellent ending. The pools of doubt, the constant questioning of self. God, if this isn’t a case of a match made in Hell, what is? But then, how many of us have living through same?

    Great work, Nimue. Amy

  10. I agree with Jamie, “swim in the pools of my doubt” really grabbed me and made me take notice. Beautiful expression of such a sad theme.

  11. Hi. I just wanted you to know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. There’s no pressure to accept, but I think your poetry and blog are pretty special, and thought you deserved an award for all your effort! If you’ve already received this award, then pay no heed to this kudos. 😉 Thanks and congratulations!

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