When memories stink

Prompted @ Magpie Tales

You hated it all your life
yet you loved my curries –
how could you not know
it had the garlic,you loathed.

It never gave the peculiar aroma
that might have given it away
for that I was always thankful
since you relished so much the taste.

Each morning i would peel them
and store them in tiny container,
and to further hide it from you
i pushed them into the corner.

With time you forgot about me,
and i forgot the tiny garlic cloves
sitting in the same place all while
they turned into rotten stuff.

The sickening smell filled my space
like your memories trapped my heart
the garlic i could throw out of my home
I guess,that was the much needed start.

No more garlic , no more flavors, no stink
You loved , but no more , the feelings finally sink.


 Prompted @ Magpie Tales , Submitted to One Stop Poetry

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0 thoughts on “When memories stink”

  1. Well said girl!!

    Sadly enough, I know this 🙁
    Hope you find new n refreshing ever lasting flavors n fragrances- SOON.. 🙂
    Hugs xx

  2. I’m a garlic girl (although I grew up so “white bread” I honestly thought garlic was a naturally occurring powder, until I encounter an actual fresh clove in L.A.!). In reality and in thought, in cooking and in love, all stinky things have their place… until they stink so much you have to toss ’em! Great thoughts and great write, nimue! Amy BL

  3. yes one can take the smells of something going bad for only so long…then it is time to let of it even it is a bad realationship…bkm

  4. I was not expecting that ending. Very emotional write. Fitting to equate the failure to rotting garlic smell.

  5. Ouch!! Poor garlic though… I am guessing that the person concerned deserves even worse.. whheew!!
    Felt this one, girl… You have a way of evoking the deepest of emotions with your writes…
    A really cool Magpie-OneShot!

  6. no more garlic, feelings sink,
    what do you think

    you will feel or eat next? wink….

    fantastic tale, it is poetic and fictional, enjoyed the theme and plots..

  7. this makes an apt analogy, the anecdote which exemplifies the circumstances in general. those little daily things can really bring home the sadness of the speaker. well said!

  8. in a relationship, first, you take good. and then, to bring it to the next level, you have to take the good with the bad. otherwise, the relationship will have to end gracefully or tragically.

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